Your Local Cheesemakers!

Skyview Farm is a diversified farm located on 80 acres approximately 50 miles south of Kansas City. In a society that believes that bigger and faster is the only way to do things, this family farm subscribes to a different philosophy.

Our goal is to provide healthy, nutritious food. This demands a bit more time and care. We believe that happy animals are those living in an environment that allows them to become what their Creator intended.

Our story began more than 20 years ago when Bill and I met at a church fellowship retreat in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Little did we know that this school teacher and log home builder would end up being cheesemakers. After starting our family, home schooling, and working in the weatherization program for the city of Kansas City, a brief period pastoring a local church, and our moving to rural Linn County, we began developing this 80 acre hobby farm into a sustainable business. The original idea was to earn enough money so that our food was paid for. As the demand for healthy, nutritious food increased, we changed our plan.

Now that our youngest child has graduated from home schooling, we have transitioned to the creamery aspect of our farm as our focus. We thought it would be less work, but I’m not so sure! It is certainly an adventure.

We have built a creamery where we not only milk the cows, but make a variety of cheeses and age them in the underground cheese “cave.” We are really enjoying making some delicious, natural rind cheeses that you can purchase directly from our on farm store. Stop by and sample the cheeses!