Our Mission

We’re Grass Farmers!

It is very important to us that animals that are created to eat grass are not only allowed to, but are encouraged. We go to great lengths to move the dairy cows to the best pasture available on the farm. The more green and growing grass they consume, the better the milk… and the more they produce.

Organic Philosophy

Our goal is to provide the most nutritious and delicious food possible for not only your family, but ours too! We try to be as organic as possible in our management practices. No antibiotics or artificial growth hormones are used. Allowing the animals to eat foods typical of their wild cousins, grazing as much as possible, and rotating paddocks to allow the forages to thrive are more important than the small amount of grain that we bring in for them.

We are currently using non-GMO grain mixures comprised of alternative grains. So far they have not developed GMO versions of wheat, barley, oats, milo, etc. and they make up the lion’s share of the recipes.

Antibiotics and Hormones

All animals have naturally occurring hormones in their bodies to control basic body functions. Our own bodies as well. We do not tamper with their natural cycles with hormones of any kind.

Antibiotics have been used and abused in agriculture to such an extent that at least 70% of all antibiotics used in the US are fed to livestock for reasons other than treating disease. When a life-threatening illness attacks your family, many formerly useful antibiotics are now ineffective. We rarely need to use an antibiotic. As a rule, we treat sick animals with probiotics, concentrated vitamins and minerals, and homeopathic remedies first. If the animal does not respond, we will use antibiotics as a last resort. Then the patient is out of the food source loop for an extended period of time.

We look forward to serving you,

Bill and Sheri Noffke,