The Pork is Here!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Hello friends,

Happy Presidents Day!  Did you have the day off?  The cows didn’t have the day off, so we decided to go ahead and work too.  As I made numerous trips from the house to the creamery today, I kept changing my outerwear choices.  It started out in the 60’s so I simply was in shirt sleeves.  Then I graduated to the hoodie, pulled up because it was raining.  Finally, my chore coat.  Right now, it’s in the 30’s and I think the weather forecasters are having a hard time nailing down what it will do next.  In general, be prepared with a variety of wraps!

Penny is STILL sloughing.  She is still eating, although not gaining much weight after birthing.  We have been giving her a homeopathic remedy that helps a cow’s immune system fight mastitis called Masto Blast.  It seems to help her fight infection.  I’m also treating her with some essential oils and Basic H soap without going into too much detail.  Yes, she smells, and you can tell she is sore, but she is plugging along.  Little Nichols is going like gangbusters. (whatever that is)

The pork is in!  Yeah!  I haven’t tried any of it yet.  We are using a new processor that can legally cure the bacon, although they forgot to put the stickers on it so I have it in our personal freezer in the office.  If I still have any left by the end of the week, we’ll get it back to them to put the stickers on before the meat inspector drops in.  We are using Schroeder’s in Arma, Kansas and they have a good reputation, but I still want to know what you think.  The sausage is in 2# packages, but you can easily divide them.  I have lots of it as the hams were put into them too.  There are also chops, steaks, and two packages of spare ribs.  One pig produced 14 packages of bacon, so limit 2 per week if they last that long.

Just a reminder about the essential oil class on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. in our living room.  It’s not just for women either.  Bill has a major interest in using the oils for supporting our immune systems.   I already have a little testimony about how the ParaGize has really helped one of our cats who hasn’t responded to other treatments.  I have found that many of you have heard about Young Living and their essential oils since they have been the pioneers for a long time.  Maybe you have questions you would like to ask Jean at the class about some of the new research, or maybe you want a refresher to get back into the swing of reaching for a natural solution instead of a chemical one.  Either way, you are welcome.  Let me know if you think you might come so I have enough chairs ready.

I’ll be making mozzarella this week, and I haven’t decided on the Jersey Silk flavor yet.  Maybe Raspberry?

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