Stewing Hens and the Holiday Market

OpMonday, November 27, 2017

Hello friends,
What gorgeous weather we have been having! A whole string of beautiful days with sunshine streaming in the windows. Yes, we have built a fire in the wood stove here and there to warm up the house on those chilly nights, but nothing severe. It was wonderful weather for company on the farm. Lots of walks were taken and the porch swing got some use.
The stewing hens went in today. Bill will have to make another trip to Garnett tomorrow to pick them up. He might have stayed and waited until they were done, but they were having some trouble with their scalder and his time is precious, you know. Suzanne and I did the milking, then she flipped the cheeses in the cave while I started a big cheese in the vat by myself. I did have to call Bill a couple of times for instruction on the boiler system. Thankfully he had cell service when I needed him.
We will be gearing up for the big indoor Holiday Market at the Matt Ross Community Center this Saturday. I want to have plenty of cheese cut, packaged, and labeled, and also have enough Fromage Blanc. If you haven’t tried the new Citron Fromage Blanc with lemon, thyme, chives, and a splash of Citron wine, you must stop by our booth and try a sample. It’s so light and fresh, yet rich and creamy. I will also have the Basil and Garlic Fromage and if I have time, Mozzarella. Not sure on that yet. If I don’t bring it to the market, I will at least make some in the house to sell at the store and to carpool groups.
So here it is Cyber Monday. A marketing construct to offer discounts for ordering online. I have not even started shopping, in fact we are just now developing lists with the kids using an app on our phones. We’ll see how this works. One thing I know, cheese is a great bring-along to get togethers. We just had a Carry In dinner at church yesterday and we volunteered to bring the cheese and crackers. That is such an easy button for us, but you can see how it can be rather effortless for most. Beginning December 4, we will be offering a special, buy 4 cheeses, get 20% off, and that includes the fromage blancs, but not the Jersey Silk or Mozzarella. That way we will have a chance to stock back up after the holiday market and this sale will run through Dec. 23. Pshaw, Cyber Monday! Back Friday! Or Small Business Saturday. How about Delicious December?
I still have whole cow ground beef, a few packages of liver and maybe 2 packages of soupbones. I have Blackberry Jersey Silk made with plans to make Cherry later this week. Still have some Crème Fraiche left too.

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