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Monday, January 23, 2017
Hello friends,
              It was so nice to see the sun today!  Remember that big ball of bright in the sky?  It was beginning to wear on me with all the cloudy, drizzly weather.  I don’t mind rain, I think it’s cozy when you are inside, but when it’s winter and the grass is dormant, I’d just as soon have snow.  Not too much of that this year.
              I’ve been experimenting with my fromage blanc texture and I think I’ve made an improvement.  Now I’m ready to try different flavor additions.  Yes, you can still get it plain and add your own.  I looked online for inspiration and, oh my!  You can probably think of any combination of sweet to savory flavors and it’s been tried.  My herb cupboard is not that extensive yet.  This week I’ll offer garlic and basil and let me know if you like it.  If you have suggestions that you think would be good, or that you have tried yourself, let me know!
              We have been having critters break into our feed bags, stealing grain and making a general mess of things.  Bill set a live trap because we might just capture a curious cat, and we have before.  We’re up to 5 pesky varmints in the last 10 days.  Who knows how many more are out there circling the barn, waiting to slip in and gnaw through the sacks?
              Farmer’s Market was calmer this week which is fine for the shopper but not as good for the vendors.  Maybe they got lost in the fog.  It wasn’t foggy in Pleasanton so I don’t know what KC did to deserve all those low hanging clouds.  The next market will be right before the Super Bowl so I’ll be running a special.  Stay tuned next week for details!
              I’ll be making Fromage Blanc this week and some regular Queso Fresco.  It’s great for melting in Quesadillas.





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