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Artisinal Cheeses

We hand craft a variety of aged, natural rind, raw milk cheeses.  All of them are made from the milk of our own  Jersey cows.  





Fairmount -  A creamy washed curd Havarti style cheese with a full rich flavor.  Not a Havarti texture though, so we named this cheese after the 130 year old church that was destroyed by a tornado several years ago about 4 miles down the road.  


Gouda -  A creamy, washed curd  cheese recipe   that originated in Holland.   Although traditionally surrounded in red wax, our natural rind aging and raw milk cultures produce a complex taste treat.


Asiago -  This Italian cheese made from whole cow’s milk has a firm yet smooth texture.  It has a the traditional cultures but added overtones that our pasture based Jersey milk bring. 


Fontina - A semi firm cheese that is smooth and light, yet complex.  It is great sliced on a sandwich or melted over vegetables.


Duchesne - A Gruyere style cheese with a firm texture and a nutty, Swiss flavor and the characteristic "stinky" culture .  Named after St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, a French nun who came to Linn County Kansas to evangelize the Potawatomie Indians.


Smoked Gouda- We took our delicious Gouda wheels, cut them into wedges and cool smoked them.   We use trimmings from our apple trees to complement the flavor of the cheese, not overpower it.  This cheese is a standout for a guest cheese plate.


Skyview Prairie -  A take-off from a Monterrey Jack recipe that didn't turn out as I expected, but I liked it, so I re-named it.  One of our all time favorites.


Jalapeno Gouda-   Spicy, but not too spicy, this very creamy cheese is a great accompaniment to crackers and an adult beverage.  We use the ripe jalapenos because they are a little sweeter, while still being spicy.  And it's pretty too.  Instead of the usual natural rind, we coat the cheese rounds in red wax.

Caerphilly Cheddar-  A simplified version of cheddar named after the Caerphilly Castle in Wales.  The Welsh miners would take this cheese in their lunch buckets when they went down into the mines.  It's a little less flaky, and a little more creamy than a traditional cheddar.






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