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Artisinal Cheeses

We hand craft a variety of aged, natural rind, raw milk cheeses.  All of them are made from the milk of our own  Jersey cows.  





Fairmount -  A creamy washed curd Havarti style cheese with a full rich flavor.  We named this cheese after the 130 year old church that was destroyed by a tornado this spring only 2 miles down the road. 


Gouda -  A creamy, washed curd  cheese recipe   that originated in Holland.   Although traditionally surrounded in red wax, our natural rind aging and raw milk cultures produce a complex taste treat.


Asiago -  This Italian cheese made from whole cow’s milk has a firm yet smooth texture.  It has a the traditional cultures but added overtones that our pasture based Jersey milk bring. 


Fontina - A semi firm cheese that is smooth and light, yet complex.  It is great sliced on a sandwich or melted over vegetables.


Duchesne - A Gruyere style cheese with a nutty, Swiss culture.  One of two cheeses named after St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, a French nun who came to Linn County Kansas to evangelize the Indians.


Smoked Gouda- We took our delicious Gouda wheels, cut them into wedges and cool smoked them.  This cheese is a standout for a guest cheese plate.


Skyview Prairie Tomme -  A mild, yet steady flavor and a creamy texture make this cheese unforgettable.

Jalapeno Gouda- 







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